Bahria Town Adventure Land all set to open its gates!

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Bahria Town is the ultimate spot to buy a house in, if you plan to settle in an environment which has beauty, peace, serenity and a number of facilities all rolled up in one place. With its innumerable amenities and facilities, it’s over the top and astounding beauty and the load of astounding attractions it has, it has become ‘the talk of the town’.

2018, has proved to be a great start for Bahria Town and all the people who have or plan to have a property in it. Bahria Homes has announced some great new projects set to be achieved this year such as Bahria Town paradise Karachi. But the best news is that the iconic Bahria Town Karachi Theme park has nearly reached its completion and will be opened this year.

Brace yourselves as the grand opening is scheduled on 23rd march

This theme Park inside the boundaries of Bahria Town has the privilege to hold the title of Pakistan’s first ever International standard theme park for which the locals will not have to wait anymore. People do not have to wait for this adventure land anymore as it is all set to be opened on 23rd March, 2018 and get people on the other side of the door to open to a world of escapade.

Thrilling and exciting rides

It is going to be a world class theme park equipped with a set of most extensive range of thrilling and exciting rides. The activities and rides in this theme park are so unique that no one in Pakistan has ever witnessed them before. It will feature exquisite architecture showcasing the great adventures of the famous characters which include Aladdin and Sinbad.

Roller coasters, Grand Castle, water rides…

A plethora of electrifying roller coasters, water rides, top class restaurants, grand castles are waiting for the people behind the doors of this world class theme park which is just a month away from opening. Built in collaboration with the best Italian manufacturers, it is full of innumerable striking attractions of International standards to give you all the entertainment the city of Karachi previously lacked. For the convenience of its people, Bahria Town has arranged shuttle facility on which one can easily discover the entire Kingdom and meet with all the exhilarating adventures.

Rides for all!

The good news is that the rides and recreational activities in this theme park will be for all. People belonging from different age groups will have plenty of options to choose from. There will be sections for kids and adults individually where everyone can have their fair share of fun. The adventure land will be followed by sports city villa which will have even more rides and thrilling rides.

Other projects too are following
Completion of this giant Adventure Land in such a short time is a massive achievement for Bahria Town and its management overall the country. This is not the only project opening this year. Bahria Night Safari will be opened in April and Hospital is expected to be inaugurated any time soon this year. Bahria town has now becoming a property of that type in which every one wants to invest because it is now a complete aura of real estate.