The Twin Cities of Pakistan – Islamabad & Rawalpindi


Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, lies on a perfect strategical position and features modern urban structure along with all the shades of nature. Situated near beautiful Margalla Hills and having greenery all along its land, the city portrays a captivating and peaceful atmosphere.

When compared to other cities of Pakistan, Islamabad is a highly modern and strictly clean city. Large houses, wide tree-lined streets, incredible public offices, huge shopping plazas, and beautiful parks make Islamabad an ideal city to reside.


Having served as country’s capital in 1960s, Rawalpindi is no less of an exceptionally structured city. It currently serves as the military headquarters of the Pakistan Armed Forces. The Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road), one of the biggest trade routes of the country, passes through the city of Rawalpindi. Out of many huge local bazaars, the Raja Bazaar and the Saddar Bazaar are the most prominent ones.