What Wonders Bahria Paradise Karachi’s Central Park Beholds

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It is a fact no one can deny that Bahria Town Karachi is one of the most anticipated real estate projects ever but there are solid reasons for it. Not only the entire project is based upon the standards of a luxury lifestyle but it has also initiated some recreational facilities which the city of Karachi never had before. And here by some, we mean a lot of them. From multiple sports facilities like grand gymnasium, spa and world’s largest cricket stadium in Bahria Sports City Villa, to the New York’s replica of the entire Central Park.

The Central Park in Bahria Town Karachi is a topic of discussion and excitement ever since it has been launched. And why not it would be? The entire place is not just some ordinary community park but in a way, a vast land filled with enhanced natural beauty. The overall project is covered on 64 acres of land, just like the real Central Park in New York.  Let’s take a deeper look at what this masterpiece of beauty and excellence behold.


The Central Park has been given some special importance by making it a major part of Bahria Town Karachi’s most highlighted sub-projects- Bahria Paradise Karachi.  A whole housing society has been built around this absolutely worth a view theme park. In short, for those who love to live close to nature in a peaceful environment, nothing can be better than this.

Located in the Precinct 54, the Central Park is connected or is near to technically many important locations. Plus, Bahria Paradise will be easily accessible from these three roads.

Paradise Avenue (200 ft Wide)

Quaid Avenue (150 ft wide)

Sir Syed Avenue (120 ft wide)

There are also some commercial plots around the Park which will be beneficial for investors. Moreover, to provide the habitats every means of comfort and entertainment, a five-star luxury hotel will be constructed at one corner of the park.

Attractions in Bahria Paradise’s Central Park

Following are some of the main attractions in the Central Park.

Harlem Meer Lake

Harlem Meer lake may have a history in New York, but its replica here is developed for the sole purpose of beautifying the project more.

Flower Garden

In the Theme Park, a beautiful flower garden will be grown for people to consume as much natural beauty as they can. Beautiful, colorful flowers grown in different patterns are a sight to watch. It will be something which we see hardly anywhere in Karachi, and that is greenery and flowers.

Untermyer Fountain

Untermyer Fountain is an outdoor fountain with a sculpture named ‘three dancing maidens’ which is a real symbol of beauty.

Tennis Court

For those who are sports enthusiast and a nature lover together, playing tennis on the tennis court will be a wonderful experience.


Despite the fact that public love museum tours, there are only a few in Karachi and those are also not in a very good condition. Therefore, a well-maintained museum will be built at Central Park for people to enjoy themselves with a little bit of history.

Turtle Pond

Executing the project to its fullest, another replica of turtle pond would be built in the Bahria Town Karachi’s central park. The turtle pond will be the cutest spot of the central park as many adorable turtles will be found there.

Open Air Theatre

What can be better than watching a movie in an open-air theatre? Absolutely nothing! Central Park will be opening an open-air theatre for those who want to relax in the open air with their loved ones while watching a movie.


For the entertainment of children, a zoo will be established where rare special of animals will be kept under the international standards of animal care.

Skating Track

Skating is loved by kids and teen agers all over the world but there only a few places in Pakistan where one can actually skate. Therefore, a proper skating track will be launched in the theme park of Bahria Town Karachi to rovide people the freedom to skate and enjoy their selves.

Besides the ones mentioned above, other attractions are also under development such as rat rocks, amusement park, The Great Hill, Skating Track, Sheep Meadows Park, Recreational center,  Central Park Zoo, Cycling Track, Onassis Reservoir.

Something About Bahria Paradise Karachi.

Bahria Paradise Karachi is one of the most popular sub-projects in Bahria Town Karachi due to its exclusive architectural plan matching all the international standards. It is a dream place to live for those who want to enjoy a luxuries life with all the world-class facilities. Bahria Paradise Karachi has an ideal location. It is located in Precinct-16 in Bahria Town Karachi. It ’s merely 4 km away from the Super Highway. Bahria Paradise Site location in Bahria Town is very attractive as it is not much far away from Bahria Town’s main entrance, near Grand Jamia Masjid. Bahria Paradise is inspired by the central park which makes the society more naturally beautiful and environment-friendly. In short, Bahria Paradise is indeed a dream project for any one who wants to benefit from it.

Following are other facilities in this mega project by Bahria Town

  • Hyatt Regency, the very first branded gold resort in Pakistan
  • Rafi Stadium, the largest cricket stadium in Pakistan
  • The first ever 36-hole GPA standard golf course of Pakistan
  • State of the art hospital
  • An international standard theme park – first of its kind in the country – as well as a carnival park and night safari
  • One of the top private educational institutes in the country, the Roots Millennium School
  • A world class gym

These facilities are not only beneficial for the people who plan to live there but also for the investors as it increases project’s ROI.

Therefore, from investment potential to the glorious theme park and luxury life, there are a lot of reason to be interested in Bahria Paradise booking. After all it’s the future paradise of Karachi!

What Bahria Town Karachi Has to Offer to Overseas Pakistanis

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Despite of the unstable economic conditions, there are many overseas Pakistani which looks for the opportunity to invest somewhere in their own country and secure their future. But in Pakistan, you won’t see many real estate projects offering something especially to the Pakistanis who live abroad. In fact, we can say that Bahria Town is the first one to initiate something like this. Not only for investment but for anyone who intends to return his/her country, this could be the perfect place to live. In Bahria Town Karachi, not only there are world-class projects like Bahria Paradise Karachi but it offers a whole separate overseas block for expatriate Pakistani. So for those who are in abroad and looking for an opportunity to generate profits, this is the one for you! Read below to find out more about the overseas block. The community features the following facilities

  • Master-planned gated community
  • Advanced security & rescue services
  • 100 % backup power (No Load-shedding)
  • Transport system from Bahria Town to City Centre
  • Landscaped parks and lifestyle facilities
  • Pakistan’s largest shopping mall
  • Spacious open green areas
  • The international theme park, play-land, and water-rides

Overseas Block in Bahria Town Karachi

Considering the fact that this overseas block in Bahria Town Karachi is made for expatriate Pakistanis, the standard has been raised much more in terms of construction, infrastructure facilities and much more. The overseas community is considered to be the largest chunk of investors in the property market of Pakistan. Our expatriate community is accustomed to the higher living standards in other countries, so they want the same facilities and luxuries in Pakistan like provided in Gwadar golf city.

Plots Available in Overseas Block

In order to provide better opportunities for investments to Pakistani from abroad, multiple properties with various prices are available.

  • Residential plots: 250,500,1000 and 2000 Sq. Yards
  • Commercial plots: 125,200 and 250 Sq. yards
  • Bahria Homes: 125 and 200 Sq. yards
  • Bahria Apartments: 2,3 &4-bed

Sub Projects in Overseas Block

Overseas block in Bahria Town Karachi is divided into two impressive sub-blocks further.

1- Lake View Block

2- Golf Course Block

Let’s take a closer look at both the subprojects.

Golf Course Block

Like Bahria Sports City Villa, this sub-project also reflects a special theme based on the sport of golfing. Playing Golf is something very famous internationally. Therefore, keeping the leisure activities of overseas Pakistanis and other people belonging to an elite class, a golf course based housing community has been built. Golf Course Block comes with a USGA Standard Golf Course within the residential area. There are also memberships available for the golf course which is a symbol of excellence in its own.

Lake View Block

What can be more magnificent than living beside a beautiful lake? The lake view block is right beside the beautiful artificial lake in Bahria Town karachi prices. It can be the perfect place to live for the people who are fond of water bodies and nature. And as the currency exchange value makes all the difference, the worth of these properties are a little more than the others!

Real Estate: What a beginner needs to know

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The Confusion surrounding Real Estate

Real Estate, everyone seems to have a general idea about it and hardly anyone actually knows what it really is. Some see it as a mere industry, like all others, running in the economic habitat of the country. Whilst some, on the other hand, look at it as an investment opportunity. For a beginner, all of this can be a confusing mess. You know about a few famous properties such as Bahria Town Karachi or you just know that there is a local estate shop down the street. Let’s clear things up and briefly talk about all that you need to know about real estate:

Definition and Importance

Real Estate is property. That property can include both a piece of land, a building and a house, among other structures. Remember Monopoly? Buying and renting estates? Those are your first real estate transactions, at least fictional ones. Monopoly may cause several fights among-st your friends, the real estate market is even more competitive where the price is higher and the losses are dire! The real estate market includes transactions of properties. These transactions include: sale, purchase and renting. Investing in real estate is a business opportunity which has produced numerous millionaires!

The real estate of any country can make or break its economy! In USA, there is no other business which has created more millionaires! Real estate can be a major contributor to a country’s GDP and has successfully created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Real estate isn’t just buying and selling property! It’s an industry which is closely knit with engineering, finance, architecture and even domestic labor.Real Estate is one of the finest in the world for doing business through and serving with the mysterious effort.Most of real estate companies are serving in the faculty of residential development just like Bahria Town Karachi that is one of the biggest community of Pakistan .

There are several types of real estate properties:

  • Residential

Bungalows, flats and apartments where the masses reside and call their homes. Residential real estate ranges from Industry giants such Bahria Paradise to a landlord in your neighborhood.

  • Commercial

Shops, hotels and offices where people work at. These are places of business and day to day commerce.

  • Industrial

Factories such as Beverage manufacturers

  • Agricultural

Farms. These include cattle herding, fish and crop harvesting farms.

Pakistani Real Estate

Pakistan’s real estate market, just like the country itself, is developing and the the perfect place for Investment is Bahria town Karachi. Whilst not being a major contributor in the economics of Pakistan pre 2000’s, real estate here is one of the best performing in the world! The biggest factors for the rapid growth in prominence for real estate has been rapid urbanization and a population boom. The opportunity to grow has been phenomenal with properties such as Bahria Sports City Villas, among others, being a testament to the industry’s power!

Real Estate is not that difficult to understand. Obviously there is a lot more to it than what this brief article can explain. What this brief article can do, however, is provide you with a solid base to move forward. There is a lot of opportunity in real estate and a lot of things to learn. One thing is for certain, real estate holds a bright future!

Investment in Bahria Town Karachi: What are the Latest Options?

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It is no secret that Bahria Town Karachi is the hub of profitable investments in real estate. For every real estate investor or agent in the city, Bahria town Karachi is something they look forward to for major benefits in their deals. Having multiple sub-projects which include standard construction regulations, modern-day architecture world-class facilities, and incredible recreational facilities is itself enough to pull the crowd. Not only all these attractive points but also high ROI rate is a proof of profit potential. Plus, some of the sub-projects in Bahria Town Karachi (like Bahria Paradise Karachi) have gained popularity among masses which makes the chances of investment in Bahria Town higher than ever. But investing in Bahria town Karachi can be overwhelming (and confusing to those who suffers from lack of knowledge). And in such circumstances, you might make the wrong decision while investing which can create difficulties for you to rectify.

Therefore, we have come up with the complete list of investment options in Bahria Town Karachi. Note that it does not only contain the famous projects like Bahria Paradise and Sports City Villa but also the ones which you aren’t aware of but are indeed worth considering. So read below and decide your next investment move.

Quaid Villa

In the bulk of real estate options of investment, Quaid villas in Bahria town Karachi often stays un-noticed despite their potential to generate profit. Located in Precinct 2, they are 8 Marla homes with attractive location and quality construction. These homes were launched at 75 lac rupees with 2-year installment plan and have high demand in the market especially due to location.

Bahria Paradise Karachi

Who doesn’t know about Bahria Town Paradise Karachi? The luxurious New York’s theme park’s inspiration based housing society is literally the most wanted real estate property in the whole Karachi.   The community features Bahria Night Safari & Bahria Adventurous Theme Park, 36- Hole PGA Standard Golf Course, Carnival Area & New Horizon Restaurant, Roots Millennium School and world-class Saudi German Hospital.

Bahria Heights

If you are looking for an investment which is moderate in regards to payment in Bahria town Karachi then Bahria Heights is the perfect option for you. It is a 2 bedroom apartment project which comes with an easy installment plan.

Bahria Sports City Villa

Like Bahria Paradise Karachi, Bahria sports city villa is also one of the most popular subprojects of Bahria Town. A unique design approach unifying modern architecture with sports facilities will include beautifully master planned community along with international sporting and training facilities. This sports-oriented housing society features some incredible luxuries to support a healthy lifestyle like cricket stadium, playground, and go-kart jogging tracks, gymnasium, spa and many more things which make it so popular among masses that is why the chances of the project to flourish are much more. The best part about the project is that it comes up with a 4-year easy installment plan.

So these are some of the latest options with the highest investment potential in Bahria Town Karachi.