We here at Bahria Town strive for creating the best properties in Pakistan, and we did just that
with Canal View Residency. This exclusive property is a smash hit among the overseas Pakistani
community who desire the facilities and beauty of a foreign development. The Canal View
Residency rightly earns the right to be called ‘Limited edition.’
Tailored to suit the elegant and privacy-oriented outlook of the elite. another than this Park lane tower 
offers all the imaginable entertainment and lifestyle maintenance setup at your ready service.
Cherish the enviable lifestyle with amenities, ranging from the central thematic park, gymnasiums,
shopping arcades to community centers. The entire landscape is beautifully integrated with a
road network comprising of a Main Boulevard of 80 feet width joined by residential streets of 60
feet and 40 feet width.

Bahria Homes in The Canal View Residency is for the elite lifestyle with the most premium entertainment and

lifestyle facilities at the resident’s disposal. A central thematic park, gymnasiums, shopping
arcades and community centers are just a few of Canal View’s incredible line of services. The
best part? The property is well-integrated with a road network compromising both of the main
boulevard and the residential streets.

Key Features:

  • Themed Entrance Park
  • Orchard Falls
  • 24/7 Hospital
  • Grand Mosque
  • Community Gardens
  • Commercial Hubs
  • Gold Glass Cinema
  • Excellent School
  • Community Office
  • Lush Green, Enormous Golf Course
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