All You Need To Know About the Glorious Bahria Golf City Karachi

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Ever since its existence, Bahria Town Karachi has been a hot topic of discussion in overall Karachi, as well as the real estate sector. And with the pace it is evaluating its sub-projects, it can be the apple of the eye for all senior investors for another couple of years very easily. From Bahria Paradise Karachi to Bahria Sports city villa; every project in Bahria Town Karachi reflects a strong statement of standard, class and high-end architectural advancement. And like every other project in Bahria Town, Bahria Golf City and Gwadar Golf City are masterpiece on their own.

Each of the housing societies, communities and other recreational facility has a strong purpose and targeted audience.  Similar is the case with Bahria Golf City. Bahria Golf City is undoubtedly a golfer’s dream. It incredibly covers the entire 20th precinct and offers 500, 1000 and 2000 sq yard plots to every individual who is interested in golf.

What Bahria Golf City Actually Looks Like

Bahria Golf City is all an all massive and impressive. Like the biggest cricket stadium in Bahria Sports City, Bahria Golf City has an amazing layout which is definitely going to stand out. It is designed after Emirates Hills Dubai as claimed by Bahria Town and its layout design is also given in the newspaper advertisements. Bahria Town offers 27 Hole PGA standard Golf Course for the Golf Loving Community, which is the most appealing feature of this project.

A beautiful artificial lake has also been added to make the golf course look more lavish and classy. The 9 hole golf course is already functional for the individuals and it looks breathtakingly beautiful at night with the all the heavy lighting.


What can be the perfect place for a glorious golf course other than an overseas Pakistani Block as most people who live abroad are fonder of golfing.  Besides that, it is located in literally the heart of Bahria Town Karachi. It is also easily accessible from 400 ft wide Jinnah Avenue.

Possession and Prices

The management of Bahria Town is gradually allotting the possession of the residential plots. A continuous development can be observed on the 500, 1000 and 2000 sq plots. Most of the plots and project’s features are nearly completed and are ready to be possessed.

When it comes to prices, Bahria town Karachi prices always serving with the best and here is a detailed chart of the price range for all the plots available in Bahria Town Karachi.


Plot Category      Original Price      Own Range

500 Sq. Yard       Rs. 8,500,000      Rs. -200,000 – Rs. 14,500,000

1000 Sq. Yard     Rs. 15,500,000   Rs. 3,000,000 – Rs. 20,000,000

2000 Sq. Yard     Rs. 25,500,000   Rs. 18,000,000 – Rs. 40,000,000

Investment Potential in Bahria Golf City Karachi

It is true that unlike Bahria Paradise booking prices, Bahria Golf City has been launched on a much higher financial scale. But people who are experienced investors, know that it is worth the expense and risk as the project itself is world class and will flourish once completed.

Bahria Town – Beauty, Comfort, Luxury and Facilities

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Home is the place which brings the ultimate comfort and ease to us no matter whereever you go. People love it when they get back home from a long tiring day and find a home smiling back to them. It is truly a soul lifter and the most soothing feeling in the world. People these days do not only prefer and buy houses that are beaustiful and full of amazingly spectacular home decor but they want their houses to be located in the best neighbourhood in town with peace and comfort. People love it when their houses are surrounded with a parade of comfortable and staggering esthetics and for that they are willing to pay all that they earn.

Ideal places like these in Pakistan are very scarce. However, Bahria Town is the ultimate mixture of comfort, beauty, luxury and security which has `proved to be the best location to live in, in Pakistan. From residential and commerial plots, to the parks, mosques, institutes and attractions, Bahria Town is a complete package.

Houses in Bahria Town are nothing but pure luxury!

Bahria Town houses speak about luxury on the top of their tongue and are proud providers of modern living standards.

are built with such superior luxuries that they are certainly going to provide you with modern living standards. Front line plans, lovely ground surface, charming tones, creative and mind boggling stylistic theme and a stunning climate is all what the properties in the Bahria Town properties are about. Customized to suit the rich and private viewpoint of the general population who respect delightful homes with security, this lodging society offers all the conceivable diversion and way of life upkeep at your prepared administration. Because of the charming and striking plans of the homes numerous abroad Pakistanis too are pulled in to carry on with an existence here like the one they are living in further developed nations.

Bahria Town believes that your life should not be restricted to the confines of your house or luxury villa. The infrastructure of your location must let you away from all stress so that you can share your lifestyles with other people and strengthen the communal fabric.

A Multitude of Amenities

One of the many things that Bahria Town Karachi Prices  is celebrated for , is its extensive variety of luxuries and offices that it gives to its kin. From doctor’s facilities, schools to energizing hot spots for entertainment, it has everything. This lodging society endeavors hard to convey a definitive solace and peace to the general population by giving everything inside the safe places of their homes and region. It guarantees industrious and inconvenience free working of essential help and esteem included administrations and utilities. Be it the Masjids, world-class gutsy amusement stop, schools, clinics, business zones, common support wing, security framework, fire detachment framework, retail zones, post office administrations, police headquarters, transport framework and so forth. Bahria Town offers a total world inside its productive limits.

The Best Investment

Bahria Town, the most discussed super venture, increasing immense measure of accomplishment everywhere throughout the nation, is the best speculation of the time. With an admirable measure of proficiency and potential in its properties, it can be appropriately said that whatever one invests or plans to contribute on this uber task will pull off to a great extent and achieve astounding benefits. The whole task of the Bahria Town is wonderfully manufactured giving you a hundred reasons put all your cash on a property in its limits.

Each nook and corner of the venture, be it a private or a business plot in any of the areas, the Bahria Golf City Gawadar, Bahria Paradise Karachi or the Bahria Town Sports City Villas, has its own particular productive variables which are certainly going to make your speculation justified, despite all the trouble.

‘Interest in Bahria Town is a decent choice’, we are not saying this simply because of the quality of this splendid undertaking, yet it is exclusively because of numerous elements demonstrating so. For example, the reasonableness, the flexibility of portions and the exceptional conceivable ROI it can deliver. Every one of these things truly add a mass to Bahria Town’s significance.

Moderate Properties:

Bahria Town may look extremely indulgent and super luxurious yet this reality in no way, shape or form recommend that it isn’t moderate. The private and business plots and everything else that can be bought as a property inside the limits of the Bahria Town is particularly reasonable and can be effortlessly gained.

Adaptable Installment Options:

Notwithstanding for the general population with the most negligible money related assets, Bahria Town has opened its entryway. The individuals who can’t deal with the cost of any property in Bahria Town yet need to influence speculations to can take a property in portions. There are around 2 installment designs which Bahria Town offers to individuals. One can either expend the minimum installment arrange for which makes upto 16 quarterly installments or they can run with the Maximum arrangement which is proceeds for a long time and makes an aggregate of 20 portions which are meanst to be paid quarterly.

Exceptional yield On Investment:

Individuals in Pakistan are particularly of this supposition that investing cash on a property will bring back astounding benefits and endless advantages. What’s more, this is unquestionably valid however on the off chance that in the event that you are putting on a property in Bahria Town Paradise Karachi in light of the fact that a normal property in Bahria Town is worth 8 to 9 Lacs which continues expanding in an incentive as improvements occur.

Individuals who are searching for a decent stage to get a property in Bahria Town can get help from Haroon Estate and developers and influence their fantasies to work out as expected.


A Detailed Insight about Bahria Town Karachi: The Pride of Real Estate Sector

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It is a widely accepted fact that Bahria Town has proved itself as one of the most dynamic companies in Pakistan. With its world-class projects and unbeatable pace of evaluation, Bahria Town has entered into the real estate sector with a completely new strategy and class. Although there are multiple projects established by Bahria Town in various cities yet none of them could beat the fame and attention which Bahria Town Karachi has grabbed. And of course, there are reasons for that! But before we discuss those, let’s have a look at some insightful details about the project.

A Brief History of Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is a magnificent addition to the chains of housing schemes by Bahria Town  in different cities of Pakistan (mainly in Lahore Islamabad and Rawalpindi). Bahria Town Karachi was initially launched 4 years ago on 26 January 2014.  Ever since then, Bahria Town Karachi has become the ultimate symbol of luxury and prosperity. Although Bahria Town Karachi is the sole of many powerful sub projects some of its most highlighted projects are Bahria Paradise Karachi and Bahria Sports City Villa.


Bahria Town Karachi is located on Superhighway, away from the hustle-bustle of such a busy metropolitan like Karachi. It is approximately 9 Km away from the toll plaza. Being far away from the main city, it can be considered as a disadvantage for a housing society. But Bahria Town Karachi is not just a housing society, it is a whole city within the city. From hospitals to standard schools for children, you will find every facility and necessity provided within the boundaries of the project and that also at its best. Also, in the distant future, a metro bus project will probably also come to life will which make things easier. The location is the only main perspective that every buyers want .A perfect house is that when it is constructed on an ideal place just like as Bahria town projects that are providing all the amenities of living.

Some Major Sub Projects of Bahria Town Karachi

As mentioned before, Bahria Town Karachi is an entire city under which many mega projects will be operated.  Although it was launched 4 years ago, yet it developed with the passage of time. Some projects are still under construction and development phases. But despite the overtime evaluation, projects like Bahria Paradise Karachi and Bahria Sports City villa have been in the spotlight from the very beginning.

On the other hand, if we look at it from an overall all perspective, Bahria Town Karachi consist of Residential and Commercial plots, Bahria Homes and Bahria Apartments.

Some projects were launched on the initial basis with an easy installment plan while others were launched afterward with comparatively increased values.

Residential Plots

On residential plots, Bahria town Karachi offers 125 Sq. Yards, 250 Sq. Yards, 500 Sq. Yards, 1000 Sq. Yards and 2000 Sq.  All these plots have been distributed systematically among the projects as per the required need.

5 Marla residential plots are offered in Ali Block. While in Bahria Golf City and Gwadar Golf City 500 to 1000 sq yard plots are available. On the other hand, 10 Marla residential plots are offered in the overseas block precincts 1 for the people who live outside the country. 200 SQ yard plots have also been spared for the golf-loving community.

Commercial Plots

The current highlight of commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi is Jinnah Avenue International. It consists of 500 sq. yard which is ready for possession.

Besides that 125 Sq. Yards, 200 Sq. Yards and 250 Sq. Yards are available in Bahria Town Karachi. 125 sq. yard plots are dedicated to Midway commercial for which the balloting has already been done.

Bahria Homes

Bahria Homes are located in Quaid block. They are double story houses for families with few members. Bahria Homes consist of 125 sq yard and 200 sq yard plots.

Bahria Paradise Karachi: The Literal Heaven in Bahria Town Karachi

Without mentioning Bahria Paradise Karachi, one cannot completely define the excellence of Bahria Town Karachi. Based on the theme of New York’s Central Park, the housing society is full of natural beauty with other world-class facilities. Moreover, Bahria paradise booking comes up with an easy installment plan which makes it easier for people to buy or invest in the project. Bahria Town is doing their best in the residential development of the country and this is what we and many other are expecting from them. Another well designed and highly modernized project of Bahria Town is Gwadar Golf City that is designed with all the basic amenities and making a perfect example of Luxury at our doorstep.

Some of the main facilities featured in this project are

  • Green & Serene Landscape
  • Playgrounds with Walking & Jogging Tracks
  • Skating Rink & Cycling Pathway
  • Children Park with RI
  • Lake
  • Flower Gardens
  • Open Air Theater
  • Bahria Fountain
  • Bahria Night Safari & Bahria Adventure Theme Park
  • 36- Hole PGA Standard Golf Course
  • Carnival Area & New Horizon Restaurant
  • Roots Millennium School
  • world-class Saudi German Hospital

Bahria Sports City Villa: A Dream Place for Every Sports Enthusiast

This sports-oriented housing society includes some incredible luxuries to support a healthy lifestyle like cricket stadium, playground, and go-kart jogging tracks, gymnasium, spa and many more things which make it so popular among masses. Bahria Sports City along with having such amenities also features some incredibly designed four and five bedroom luxury homes. Constructed upon classic architecture and quality materials, Bahria Sports City is indeed an ideal place to live. Of course, you won’t just want sports facilities in a housing society to be good. There are other things also which you would like to have in order to attain a luxury but healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Bahria Town Sports City has a 5-star luxury hotel with beautifully designed rooms & suites, conference rooms for high profile business meetings and an eclectic mix of dining options to savor delightful cuisines. Also, the location is very ideal. It is literally in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi with Jinnah Avenue very near to it.

That is why the chances of the project to flourish are much more. The best part about the Bahria Sports City is that it comes up with a 4-year easy installment plan. The society all in all features

Pakistan’s largest front-lit cricket stadium inspired by Dubai International Cricket Stadium

  • Grand Gymnasium with Tennis, Squash & Badminton Courts
  • Football Ground
  • Cycling & Jogging Tracks
  • Go-Kart Track
  • Coaching Programs to enable the growth & development of local talent
  • 5-Star Luxury Hotel
  • 4-Bed Luxury Villas


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