10 Useful Tips For House Hunting

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One goes through house hunting at least once in his lifetime. Looking for a decent house can be wearing and thrilling all simultaneously. It’s one hell of an experience. Here we have listed down a few tips that one should consider while looking for the ideal home for his or her family. 

Here are the main tips for finding the home of your dreams: 


  1. Know what’s your idea of a ‘perfect house’ 

List down on a bit of paper everything you want in your new home, things that would be ideal to have and things that don’t generally make a difference. 

  1. Do not step out of your budget

Count your resources or be aware of your budget before you start house hunting. If you are short of money then make sure to get preapproved for a bank house loan. It will make the purchasing cycle a lot simpler and you will realize which houses to look for. 

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  1. Bigger is not always better

While we as a whole have a fantasy about having a gigantic manor, it’s fine to consider what will be best for your family. Know beforehand the number of rooms you need to accommodate your family easily and look for that. 

  1. Consider renovating the house

Many homes you will come across may not be in their good condition, yet consider the capability of the house. Would painting and new wood floors transform it into your fantasy house? What about renovation of kitchen or bathrooms? There are numerous simple fix-ups, for example, adding new fancy lights, door polishing and painting that can transform your house into the ideal home. 

  1. Location does matter

Location of the house is very important. Check the surroundings and see what’s around your home. Ensure it is in a territory you feel good with. Discover what school area you’ll be in. Regardless of whether you don’t have children, you might need to consider the school area you live in for resale. You may likewise need to take the drive to your work and perceive how long it will take you. 

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  1. Do your homework

Do your proper homework like researching property values, looking for a credible real estate dealer, stalking your neighbourhood and much more. Also, try checking the neighbourhood during different times of the day and see if it’s family-friendly or not.

  1. Do a home review

The property agent will take a gander at everything in a home and offer you a neutral opinion. They will likewise reveal to you the genuine estimation of the home you are considering to buy. It’s smarter to inspect the home fully yourself rather than finding out several issues in the house after you’ve purchased it. 

  1. Imagine your family living in the house

When you stroll into the home, would you be able to picture your family living there? Does it have a positive sentiment? Imagine your family living in the house and see how you feel. 

  1. Leave space for future developments

Ensure your ideal house has some extra space and gives you enough area to develop in future. 

  1. Be flexible! Do not expect too much

Understand that most houses aren’t flawless in any case. Regardless of whether you are building your fantasy home, there are consistently things that could have been unique. Be flexible! When you move in and style it your own way, it will definitely become your ideal house.

Benefits Of Sports In An Individual’s Life

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One may mistake sports for games, so it is imperative to recognize them. The significance of the two overlaps with each other to a great extent. Sports lead to an individual’s physical and mental development whereas, games are much about competition and winning at the end which makes them both entirely different from each other. Despite the fact, a majority of people think of both the same and use them interchangeably which is not true. Sports enables an individual to build up a healthy body. To live a healthy sound life, a healthy body is essential. Sports are a significant piece of the lives of individuals, as they make a healthy community both physically and mentally. 

Here are four major benefits of sports which are:

Builds Physical Fitness 

Fitness is essential to carry on with a healthy life. A body which functions well is essential for living an active life. Typically individuals do workouts in gyms to improve their build. Sports are probably the most ideal approaches to build up a healthy active body. Muscles and bones are built up by playing different sports. Different sports hone different parts of the body. Some help you build stamina while some strengthen your lower core. Some build arms and legs muscles while some increase the lung’s capacity and so on. 

Leads To Good Mental Health

A sound mind is significant for a sound body. A steady mind with clear thoughts can accomplish what it wants. Sports build up your mind in a positive way and make you decisive. A person who plays sports actively has very little chances of being vulnerable to depression and anxiety. A mind that isn’t active will undoubtedly stray in negative thoughts and deteriorate an individual’s mental health. Physical sports and mind games keep the brain active and mind focused on the game. The mind begins to attempt to devise approaches to play better, rectifying slip-ups and coming up with new effective strategies. This causes the mind to develop emphatically, making it more functioning. The mind turns out to be more functional through physical exercises. 

Check out Bahria Sports City Karachi, every sports lover’s dream place, where the future of Bahria Town Karachi lies.

Helps Develop Self-Confidence 

Aside from building physical and mental health, sports additionally develop self-confidence in an individual. It is an important characteristic of a person. Lack of confidence makes people shy and hesitant when it comes to speaking with individuals and work productively as an aspect of the general public. By partaking in sports, one builds up a higher self-confidence. At the point when an individual plays a game, he turns out to be more mindful of his activities. At the point when his activities help accomplish a decent score or positive result, it acquires supportive feedback in his mind. This positivity enables the individual to develop in different fields of life as well. Sports gives the feeling that training and accomplishing something brings improvement and makes one open to new challenges as he learns to confide confidence in himself. 

Helps Learn Stress Management 

Living in the present-day world, one thing which is crucial to be educated about is stress management. While an individual has various activities and approaching deadlines, one becomes subject to anxiety and stress. Sports assist you with overseeing pressure and channel it efficiently. Tension keeps the individual less focused and preoccupied. The mind goes bonkers and is everywhere, making situations which may never happen. Just overthinking!! 

An individual who plays sports will relatively think that it’s easier to control their thinking and live their life like a normal person without over-analyzing things.

Building Earthquake-Resistant Structures

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Natural disasters are abrupt and cause massive destruction which poses a serious threat to people all over the world. Anything could happen anytime and anywhere. Experts have figured out how to foresee some like tropical storms, snowstorms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and etc. However, others can still hit without any warnings. Earthquakes are one such which can happen any time of the year and of any magnitude with practically no signs. They can damage small distant territories, mountainous areas or eat up big urban communities. Seismologists and other experts have found specific Pakistani territories that are highly subjected to earthquakes, however, in fact, they could happen anyplace. A country having extensive use of long-lasting steel, glass, and concrete structures, earthquakes perhaps leave the region more vulnerable to massive destruction. Thus, it is important to design strong building structures that are earthquake-resistant and mitigate damage and injury.

Why Earthquake-Resistant Structures? 

Pakistan is located in a region that is highly seismically active and feels shaking of the ground in its different region oftentimes. The seismic vibrations and the frequent shaking of the ground reverberate through the land surface, causing widespread destruction to the miles of land. The high-risk areas include Islamabad, Northern region of Pakistan, Kashmir, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. To protect these regions and its people, buildings must be designed to be able to endure seismic activities. The earthquake-resistant building structures should feature four characteristics that are:

  1. Solidness and Strength

When planning earthquake-resistant buildings, safety experts suggest sufficient vertical and horizontal firmness and quality – explicitly sidelong. Structures will in general handle the vertical movement brought about by quakes than the lateral, or horizontal movements. Without thinking about earthquakes, experts despite everything center around a building’s vertical solidness and quality as it needs to help itself. Notwithstanding, earthquakes present new directional powers that may not be set up for. Buildings will move left and right during the quakes, and if not designed appropriately, will rapidly collapse. 

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  1. Normality

This describes the development of the building when pushed in sidelong ways. Safety experts and building designers need the building to move similarly in order to scatter the pressure without setting an excess of power on some side. If a building is unpredictable, at that point weakness will become evident when the building influences. The weakness will settle and the structure will see concentrated harm which bargains the structure in general. 

  1. Repetition

Potentially one of the most significant safety qualities when planning for security, repetition guarantees there are numerous systems set up if one comes up short. These can conceivably add to the building cost, however redundancies demonstrate their value if/when a natural disaster, for example, an earthquake happens. Safety experts exhort similarly disseminating mass and quality all through the structure so quality isn’t exclusively dependent on one factor. 

  1. Foundations

A steady foundation is a significant quality of building a huge structure paying little mind to natural disaster dangers. It is basic for a building’s drawn-out endurance, and a more grounded establishment is important to oppose an earthquake’s ground-breaking powers. Various territories have exceptional basic attributes that characterize how a structure’s base should be fortified. Experts need to intently see how the ground responds and moves before building. Buildings intended to withstand fierce earthquakes have deepened structure and driven heaps. To settle these uncommon measures, the establishments are associated so they move as a unit. 

Check out Bahria Garden City Zone 5, a secure earth-quake resistant housing society in the vicinity of Islamabad.

Modern Business And Shopping Centers That Get People Super Excited

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The recent developments in the business sector in Pakistan have been very interesting. Covid-19 has hit businesses globally. Many businesses have been struggling but at the same time, some phenomenal projects have also been launched by Bahria Town and these have a positive impact on the businesses and the economy.

The way the grocery and retail industry has evolved in this year is very interesting. Hypermarkets and supermarkets are now threatened by the growing tendency of online shopping. A good customer experience plays an extremely important role in this regard. Supermarkets can make a difference and maintain their significance by offering the customer experience that shoppers might be able to feel while shopping online.

In recent years, shopping malls and supermarkets have evolved a lot, just like movie theatres, and kept on enhancing the shopping experience for their customers. Adding food courts to shopping malls and supermarkets is also a way to add convenience for the customers and also a successful attempt to make hypermarkets a fun place, rather than a place for boring and stressful shopping experiences.

The Bahria Greenvalley Lahore is also an ultramodern hypermarket that offers a supreme shopping experience to the visitors. The significance of a good parking lot of a hypermarket is often overlooked. It has been seen that the parking of renowned supermarkets is always overcrowded. Understanding this need, the Bahria Greenvalley Lahore hypermarket has a wide and spacious parking facility for the people visiting the spectacular shopping centre. As per the plan, the hypermarket will have something for everyone. From junk food aisles to organic foods, from electronics to medicines and from meat to confectionaries.

Similarly, the Bahria Town Tower in Karachi is a remarkable business centre that is revolutionizing the commercial infrastructure of Karachi. This outstanding high rise building includes parking space, corporate space and shopping area. The corporate office’s space responds to the needs of people and businesses. The design and architecture of a corporate building is extremely important. Large companies prefer to have their offices in corporate buildings that offer better security and luxury to their employees. Moreover, corporate towers like the Bahria Town Tower also include Food Courts and other facilities as an attraction of the building.

Corporate buildings that offer on-site health and wellness centres attract businesses since health-conscious people tend to prefer to have their workspaces in buildings that have gyms and fitness studios in the same buildings. Food courts with organic restaurants is also a plus point. Having a food court in the same corporate building is also a fantastic feature of Bahria Town Tower since employees of the offices do not want to spend their entire lunch break going far away for lunch. Businesses now try to find places where their employees could easily find food places.

Similarly, people like to have some fresh air during their breaks from work and having some entertaining and relaxing environment in the same building is definitely a perk. Having a good parking space for the employees makes the Tower a fantastic place to have an office.

The Future Of Secure And Luxury Living Standards In Pakistan

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The sense of security, privacy and luxury of a gated community is matchless. As compared to usual residential areas, a gated community also offers a much better connection with the neighbourhood. The perks of exclusivity and exceptionality are definitely mesmerizing and tempting. The Bahria Town projects are also gated community projects that are well-managed and maintained.

If we talk about security, when living in a gated community, you can be sure that any unauthorized person can’t hit your neighbourhood streets. Only the residents of the place and their guests can enter the area. It’s not only about entering your home, but the entire community and the area are completely secure and safe for you and your children. Security is a major concern globally and especially in Pakistan. With the increase in street crimes, people have started to worry a lot more than before about the security of their residential spaces. Identifying this need of the time, the Bahria Town projects are developed and maintained to be highly safe and secure.

Burglary, vandalism and other street crimes are exceptionally reduced, in fact, eliminated in such secure gated areas. Besides the strict entrance policies of gated communities, these communities have their security force. The entire community is kept in 24/7 surveillance with the help of security guards and CCTV cameras.  Many communities even have the policy of having access code to be granted entry into the place. Other contemporary methods are also applied to make sure that only authorized people to enter into the community.

Due to the strict entrance policies and control, you seldom come across strangers in the Bahria Sports City Villas. Much clear and light traffic is also one of the benefits. This sense of security and privacy gives the peace of mind to the residents that they can never experience in a traditional residential and commercial area. Children in such areas can play freely outside without their parents being afraid of crimes. Activities like walking, jogging and outdoor sports are encouraged and cherished due to absence of annoying traffic and uncontrolled strangers.

Moreover, most of the gated communities also offer other great and attractive facilities. Tennis courts, food courts and swimming pools are some of the facilities that are offered by gated community regulators. Since all the properties and the system is controlled by the authorities of the community, it is very convenient for them to offer such facilities for people who would like to opt and be part of any specific courts and facilities.

The strict policies codes of conduct of Bahria Sports City Villas also have the benefit of keeping your property well maintained. If you follow the codes of conduct of the authorities, you will also be taking very good care of your property, and your property is not only your home, but it is an investment as well. You will be required by the community to keep a tidier yard and lawns. You will also be required to ask for permission from the authority before starting any construction-related activity. Living in a gated community will ensure that your investment stays safe and secure, and eventually, the value of your property always stays higher.

Pasha Heights: A Luxury Project For The Working-Class Of Karachi

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To have your own house in these difficult times when the price of every single commodity is hiking up day by day is nothing less than a blessing. However, the toughest task awaits the working class of our society who struggle to make ends meet and make their own property or get a house in a reputable society from their limited financial resources. Checking up and visiting different sites and projects every weekend and so on, negotiating with different real estate dealers, making up a deal than calling it off due to unfavorable financial and other situations or what so ever be the reason, really make it an overwhelming and tiring phase of life. To find a secure and well-architectured housing project with all the amenities of modern life and that too with an easy installment plan is merely a fortune.


Pasha Heights is a project constructed by Haroon estate and builders for the common working class of Karachi, the individuals who can plan to have their home and a quality lifestyle in the midst of Bahria Town with ease. Additionally, this housing project comes with an easy installment plan so that the individuals do not have to worry about paying heavy amounts at once.

Living in a well equipped and lavish environment with all the facilities of a modern lifestyle is every person’s wish, without any concerns of unplanned infrastructure or broken streets, inaccessible medical clinics and hospitals, distant recreational facilities or cinemas to go to the farthest corners of Karachi. Every basic facility of modern-day living that matters is present at Pasha Heights.

Situated at the ideal location, in the heart of Bahria town Karachi with a secure and safe environment allows you to discover a luxurious lifestyle here. From first-class emergency clinics and hospitals to wonderful parks and entertainment spots like Danzoo Park, Bahria Adventure Land, and Raiha Cinegold Plex. We are giving an entirely different way of life in an arrangement of simple three-year installments plan so that you can benefit the most from our this new luxury project in the reputed vicinity of Karachi.

2 bed and lounge, and 4 bed and lounge rooms executive apartments are available to be purchased on 36 monthly installments in Bahria Hills, Liberty Commercial, Bahria Town Karachi.

Basic Features

  • 2 and 4 rooms executive apartments
  • Simple 30 months installments
  • Ground+ basement shops
  • Conventional floor apartments
  • Emergency staircase
  • Terrace with each apartment
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Elevator
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • Concierge facilities
  • Power backup generator
  • 1km from the Main Gate
  • Nearby schools and colleges
  • All basic amenities available within 1km area


Other features that call attention to Pasha Heights are:

Easy Installments Plan

What really calls attention to this project of Bahria Town Karachi is its easy monthly installment plan. Booking for 2 & 4 rooms executive apartment. Now you can book home of your own with a luxurious lifestyle and in the best budget possible. For more details check the payment plans here https://www.haroonsestate.com/pasha-heights/

Opposite Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park

Bahria Adventure Land is Pakistan’s first international standard theme park which has been developed in collaboration with the most famous manufacturers from Italy. The imported thrilling rides for adults and numerous small rides for kids likewise, major fast-food restaurants, water sports area, cleanliness, and overall management make it a great spot for a family outing. This specific spot captures the attention of both families visiting or residing in Bahria Town Karachi.

Danzoo, Bahria Town Karachi

Danzoo, or Day and Night Zoo, is one of the most sought-after places of Bahria Town Karachi. Regarded as Pakistan’s first zoo of international standards, it is home to a variety of exotic and indigenous animals, including lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs, leopards, black bears, giraffes, deers, and zebras, and birds like macaws, ostriches, black and white swans, and doves to name a few. Danzoo calls the attention of children visiting or residing in Bahria Town Karachi.

Close to Grand Mosque

The Grand Jamia Mosque which is fast under construction is going to be the world’s third-largest mosque. This cultural complex is a blend of Mughal, Persian, Chinese, and Turkish architecture and can accommodate 800,000 worshippers.


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Bahria Town Central Park Apartments Karachi is a commercial square, roused by Central Park New York which will be a business hub for both the residents of Bahria Town Karachi and outsiders. Central Park commercial has started and is under construction in full throttle. It’s just about time and will be launched soon by Bahria Town Karachi with a full payment scheme and other specifics.

Your dream of experiencing the ultimate lifestyle of New York Central Park is a reality now with Bahria Town Karachi. 2-bed luxury and limited edition 4 bed penthouses with panoramic views of 32 acre Central Park and direct access to some of Bahria Town Karachi’s most iconic landmarks, these luxury high-rise apartments are the finest version of New York that the rest of the world dreams for.


Central Park is situated between three significant roads inside its most posh Bahria Paradise plan in Precinct 54. It’s anything but difficult to reach from anywhere from Bahria Paradise, because of 3 primary streets that run close to it; Paradise Avenue, Quaid Avenue, and Sir Syed Avenue.

A huge, 18.5 acre of land, the 5-star luxury hotel will also be constructed around the one corner of Central Park. The whole park will be encircled by modern commercial plots that will give investors lucrative business opportunities. Additionally, there will be 500 sq yard Bahria Paradise Villas and Bahria Carnival.

The entire arrangement would cover an enormous park giving a similar lifestyle that New Yorkers have had in living near that famous spot. Taj Mahal replica will also be there coupling with the Central Park that will dispense inhabitants of Bahria Paradise with top-notch living experience.


Bahria Central Park is strategically located, giving fast access to downtown Karachi and public infrastructure amenities in Bahria Town. To forestall unapproved entrance or threatening situations, these structures share a compound wall and a security checkpoint. Families can unwind while their children play inside the compound walls in sheltered sound surroundings.

All residents are given the highest caliber of maintenance services by the group of janitors, electricians, plumbers, and gardeners.

Other features include:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Elevator
  • Common area landscaping
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • Membership at Safari club and recreational facilities
  • Balcony with each apartment
  • Concierge facilities


Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi is a special living community model that gives an ultimate extravagant lifestyle. Tidy and contemporary 2 room apartments in Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi are apt for a wide range of families, giving simple access to all lifestyle amenities, for example, shopping malls, gym, and spa, restaurants, and cafes, mini-golf courses, praying areas, community centers and much more.

Security all day, every day at Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi gives you a feeling of solace in carrying on with an existence without stresses. Undisturbed power supply, repair and maintenance, parking area, and other services make Bahria Central Park Apartments Karachi a perfect project for a quality lifestyle.


No city and metropolitan culture is probably going to flourish and develop without the presence of high-quality educational institutions. Keeping this in mind, Bahria Town Karachi has built up its own schools, colleges, and universities providing the highest quality of education and extracurricular activities. Roots Millennium school, Bahria Town schools, and colleges and The Educators high school are operating there.


Residents appreciate a protected and secure condition while living in Bahria Town on account of every minute of everyday security. As a result of strong security frameworks over the region, no theft or robbery cases have happened up until now. A feature is the well trained and smart safety team in Bahria Town, among other top facilities. You can casually observe police patrolling inside the Bahria Town’s premises to guarantee total security.


Like the first milestone, Bahria Paradise Karachi’s Central Park is intended to have some family-accommodating attractions and facilities. The park will comprise of:

  • Recreational Center
  • Harlem Lake
  • Skating Track
  • Garden
  • The Great Hill
  • Tennis Court
  • Onassis Reservoir
  • Outside Theater
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Cycling Track
  • Turtle Pound
  • Museum
  • Rat Rock
  • Amusement Park
  • Kiosk

A few attractions inside Bahria Paradise’s Central Park will be exact replicas of New York’s Central Park attractions. These are Rat Rock, Turtle Pound, Onassis Reservoir, Lake Harlem, and Fountain Untermyer.



Reasons Why Bahria Town Lahore Is A Jewel Crown Of Bahria Town

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One of the most luxurious and sought-after locations in the vicinity of Lahore is Bahria Town Lahore. After the popularity of Bahria Town Islamabad, the establishment of Bahria Town Lahore was initiated in the mid-2000s with the similar patterns and level of quality as of Bahria Town Islamabad.

This prestigious project was built by Haroon’s estate builders and developers, a renowned brand. Their craftiness and human resourcefulness is so precise and makes sure that the project delivers unparalleled quality.

Here we have discussed 6 major highlights of Bahria Town Lahore which are:

  1.  Hyatt Regency Lahore

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is an American multinational hospitality company that entered Pakistan with an investment of power over $600 million.

Hyatt Residency Lahore is a luxurious hotel housed in a high-rise building. It has 220 rooms and the hotel features an exclusive private member’s club ‘President’s Club’, with interiors resonating elegance and offering remarkable food and beverage outlets, premium meeting spaces, a well-appointed gym & spa, tennis courts, golf courses and banquet facilities, spectacular indoor & outdoor swimming pool, among other amenities. At present, the hotel is under construction and the interior of the club is in the final stages.

  1. Eiffel Tower Replica

Eiffel Tower Lahore is a replica of the world-famous monument, Eiffel Tower in Paris. Located in sector E & F of Bahria Town Lahore, it is the most sought-after celebration spot in Lahore and makes an ideal backdrop to the grand fireworks on occasional celebrations. It is the highest tower in Lahore with a height of 80 meters which makes it taller than Minar-e-Pakistan. Tourists and people from everywhere come to visit this exquisite and distinguished monument of Bahria Town Lahore.

  1. Gold Spa Lahore

A lavish and equipped gym and spa is a plus point of any prestigious property or a housing project. The Gold Spa & Fitness Club is a fresh addition to the world of fitness and a highly prestigious project of Bahria Town Lahore. Located at the high street destination of the Mall of Lahore. It is equipped with the finest facilities and internationally certified trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Gold Spa has the most vibrant and modish interior compared to any facility of its kind in the country. The moment one enters the facility, they feel as if they have stepped into a new dimension of extreme luxury and tranquility, unparalleled by any other.

  1. Bahria Town International Hospital Lahore

Bahria International Hospital Lahore is a world-class hospital that offers medical assessments and treatments of all kinds. Under the supervision of renowned and trained physicians and surgeons, it has become Pakistan’s most advanced breast care center, organ transplant center, and cardiac center.

Bahria International hospitals offer top-notch cardiovascular care and a wide range of cardiac assessment, diagnostic, therapeutic, and other services specially tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Bahria Town International Hospital Lahore is providing 24/7 primary PCI for heart attack, which let’s open the blocked heart’s blood vessels through angioplasty and stenting during a heart attack. Also, their cath lab has the latest digital equipment to carry out all interventional cardiology procedures.

Bahria International hospital has emerged as a center for kidney liver and corneal transplants which are providing international standard transplant services. All equipped with the latest technology, it offers transplant services supervised by the proficient trained surgeons and consultants.

  1. Grand Jamia Masjid Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore has Pakistan’s third largest and world’s fourteenth largest mosque, the Grand Jamia Mosque. It has the capacity to accommodate 70,000 worshippers, 25,000 indoors, and rest in the courtyard and main halls. The architecture of the Grand Mosque is influenced by the Badshahi mosque, Wazir Khan mosque, and Sheikh Zayed mosque. It consists of four minarets and a grand dome which is encircled by twenty smaller domes. The structure and architecture of it exhibit the true crux of typical Indo-Islamic architecture with a touch of modern elements and ravishing beauty.

  1. Trafalgar Square Replica

Bahria Town Lahore’s replica of Trafalgar Square is a sought-after monument. This replica of London’s famous and exotic Trafalgar Square is located in Sector B, Safari Villas. Trafalgar square replica is exquisitely built which is surrounded by four raven sculptures of lions and two fountains on each side of it. This is surely a great place and adds to Bahria Town Lahore.

How Does Infrastructure Supports Economy?

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Urban communities and metropolitan regions all throughout Pakistan somehow face financial, financial, demographic, and ecological difficulties that make it crucial for the general public and private industry to reexamine the path they work on. The new emerging powers are unimaginably assorted, they share a fundamental requirement for a modern, proficient, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure.

Concrete, steel, and iron and fiber-optic cables are the foundations of the economy. Infrastructure empowers trade, powers organizations, links laborers to their employments, opens doors for communities struggling for existence, and shields the country from an inexorably erratic natural environment. From government to private investments in information systems to telecommunications systems, broadband systems, cargo railways, energy projects, and pipelines, to openly spending on transportation, water, buildings, and recreational facilities, landmarks and others, infrastructure is the foundation of a solid economy.

Massive infrastructure and building projects like Bahria Town in Pakistan provide a huge number of people with employment, brings foreign investments and brands. This as a whole gives a boost to the economy and helps offer a quality secure lifestyle.

Infrastructure additionally underpins laborers, giving a great many employments every year in building and preservation of infrastructure. From urban engineers and electrical cable installers to truck drivers and aircraft pilots to construction workers and painters, infrastructure jobs represent a good chunk of the country’s workforce, offering business prospects and employment opportunities that have low entry barriers and are predicted to develop throughout the following decade.

Significant national objectives additionally rely upon it. The economy needs solid infrastructure to associate supply chains and proficiently move merchandise/goods and services across the borders. Infrastructure links family units across metropolitan regions to better open doors for employment, health-care, and education. Clean sustainable energy and public transportation can diminish carbon footprints and greenhouse gases. The same logic applies to broadband systems, water supply and energy generation, and dissemination.

With a rapidly growing population and growing concentration in metropolitan areas, it makes it imperative to work on infrastructure. Metropolitan zones must be prepared to adjust not exclusively to serve a great many customers but in addition, to supporting more unfortunate citizens, a significant number of whom are jobless, have the most obvious opportunity to look for some kind of employment.

Our economy is changing as quickly as our society. Many businesses are expected to step into Pakistan and there will be a huge foreign investment influx, and due to quick globalization and CPEC, projects will be set up in urban areas and coastal areas. This offers a phenomenal open door for Pakistani businesses to produce more and export more goods and services, mitigating unemployment. It additionally intensifies the significance of our seaports, airports, cargo rail, border connecting routes, and truck routes, which move millions of dollars worth of goods rapidly and effectively every day in the mind-boggling supply chain of the present economy.

In today’s modern economy, infrastructure is of foremost importance for a nation to prosper. Projects are becoming more huge and complex than ever. Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to develop infrastructure. It depends upon the time place, time, requirements, and the specifics of each project and the existing market and business situation.


Qualities of a Good Real-Estate Developer

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For the past two decades, there has been a surge in real-estate development projects in Pakistan as there is so much potential in this specific industry. Yet, there are many hidden and undiscovered barren areas that can be brought to life. This immense interest and influx of investments in the real estate industry in Pakistan has led to the quick development of this industry. There are amazing luxurious yet complex high-rise structures being developed and the real estate industry is continually evolving to help individuals provide the most luxurious and standard living lifestyle.

But all this comes down to the real-estate developer because he is the one who turns the idea of a high-standard lifestyle into a reality. A real-estate developer puts life into dead bricks and paints and shapes them ideally. But, here lies one big question, “are all the property developers the same? Are there any criteria that set them apart from one another?

YES, there is a criterion for that.

Well, there are certain traits that not everyone possesses, and not every developer has what it takes to plan and build one good real-estate project.

The qualities of talented real-estate developers and builders is one specific thing that the future landowners would need to check. When a property owner finds these qualities in a property developer, it gives him peace of mind. Like Haroon real-estate developers and builders, they have built many big Bahria Town projects including Bahria Green Rawalpindi-Islamabad and Bahria Golf Rawalpindi-Islamabad.

The 6 essential qualities are:


A property developer is always dwelling between different options and situations. He is fighting between delivering timely and top quality. This is a big test that a property developer faces. In this case, decisiveness is a must, he needs to make quick decisions without delaying the project or wasting any time. A decisive property developer is able to make quick big decisions that deliver a high-quality project on time.

Critical Thinking:

Building a project is never smooth and trouble-free. When building a property, problems will arise that will impede its growth. These hindrances need to be encountered with a problem-solving attitude. Critical thinking refers to analyzing turbulent situations and proposing a relevant problem solution. If a developer is experienced, he will come forward with more than one solution and knows exactly how to resolve the problem. He will use his A plan to deliver a quality project on time. This expertise is a must in any property developer to make progress.

Risk Tolerance:

Not everyone has the heart to make a deal among uncertainties. They are worried if the project they are investing in will deliver or not if it will be a success or a failure. An experienced quality developer will make all the necessary computations and measure all the risks related to the investment and will try to mitigate risk.

Creative Thinking:

A big-focused and innovative idea is an initiation of each property development project, regardless of whether it is for a specific use or a dream project for an entire community. A property developer should be imaginative and must have a clear vision in his head. He needs to have the knowledge to look forward to future innovation in development. New structure materials, front line development strategies, and interesting modern designs are what an effective developer should take a gander at.

Excellent Communication Skills:

The best property developer will have what it takes to speak without hardly lifting a finger. They can easily accord well and communicate with individuals from varying backgrounds. A real-estate developer should know how to deal with buyers, other investors, sponsors, consultants, and people from local committees, and more. They need to have good communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Spotting potential:

When looking for investment in a property project, a property developer comes across various opportunities but only an experienced and good developer can spot the potential in them. Opportunities never hang around forever. That is why a good developer does a quick feasibility analysis and grasps the opportunity with immense potential.

If a property developer manages to have all these skill sets, he will never fail to deliver grand projects.

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