Perks Of Living In Bahria Town Karachi

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Worked all lifesaving hard-earned money and now wants to buy a dream house of own? Looking for a vicinity that meets your demands? Want to be in an area that is safe to invest while offering all the luxuries that you’ve dreamed of all of your life? Then stop that stressful home-looking search right now because Bahria Town Karachi is bringing you a project that you’re looking for! A living style with a blend of luxuries and quality of life is their agenda. They are developing other projects too one of them is Maison Theme Heights. 

Bahria Town Karachi is offering modern housing facilities in Pakistan through their speedy development and sub-projects like Maison Theme Heights for maintaining the quality of services they are subjected to provide. 


They are providing a prime location to people who love to live in peace, far from the happenings of the city but still connected by a not so long distance. 

Gated Community

Someone who has lived a life in Karachi knows how important security is. Bahria Town Karachi is a gated community. That provides their own security for the people who are living there.


They provide security for the whole area that makes sure that the security is available 24/7

Educational Facilities 

Buying a house away from the city usually takes you off from the city facilities but Bahria doesn’t let their residents choose anything with a substandard. When it comes to quality they never fail to maintain the standard. They provide the same quality for education too. They have developed high-quality universities, colleges, and schools within their boundaries so that the residents won’t have to reach out to avail any facility. 

Transport service

Due to the prime location, Bahria Town Karachi possessed, it is not a hassle to get anywhere in the city from Bahria Town Karachi. Still, Bahria has started their transport service for Sohrab Goth and Malir Cantt. It’s more like a pick and drops service. One bus will take you to the Sohrab Goth and the next one will take the passenger to Malir. 

Country’s largest stadium

One of the Bahria Sports City projects is the country’s biggest stadium they are having. Such a perk for the people residing in Bahria Town. This is the residential project of Bahria Town. The stadium has been built on inspiration taken from Dubai International Cricket Stadium. The stadium in Bahria town will take the traffic issues from the city as well as it will be easier for people to attend matches in a stadium that is not even too distant. They could have easy access through Jinnah Avenue. The Art details in the stadium will provide the players and the audience a refreshing experience to attend matches there.


The modern gymnasium with advanced technologies will serve as an amusement for the sports freaks. The amazing setups for table tennis badminton and squash are a treat for the sports enthusiasts there.

Medical Facilities 

Bahria Town Karachi has developed a high-technology health care system for the residents there. The medical facilities are outstanding along with the trained staff and 24 hours emergency. They have hired internationally trained doctors and staff for providing quality services to the patients. 

These are just a few of the amazing facilities Bahria Town Karachi is providing. A lot more are still there which they are planning to incorporate in their facilities list and are not mentioned here. Bahria Town Karachi is the new emerging benchmark in the industry which soon will become hard to compete with. 

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